Here are synthesised notes, each about a minute long, for you to check your guitar tuning to.  These are for standard tuning, sometimes known as concert tuning. If you want to do other tunings, "detuned" or whatever else, you really need to be able to sort out normal tuning by ear first!
    Suggestion; try starting from string 6, the low E, rather than string 1, the high E.


Press the link to play the note.   1st string E
Do remember that the 1st string is the thinnest string, the one nearest the floor.   2nd string B
Remember to hold the tuner by the 'long sides' not by the thin ends - this gives you much better control and leverage.   3rd string G
You will probably find it easier to deliberately approach the note from below. Always be careful of going to far: you can't hurt your guitar by tuning too low, but if you tune high enough you can break a string, or damage either the neck or bridge.   4th string D
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