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 These will in due course include backing tracks to the duets.

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Mille Ducas    
Non Nobis Domine    
L'Homme Armé    
Though Philomela lost her love    
Entrée  Grade 1 list A  
Aux Armes Camerades    
Allegretto  Grade 1 List B  
Exercise 13    
Deutsche Tanz - Beethoven    
Deutsche Tanz - Anon    
Rondo Theme    
Petite Pièce    
Serenade  Grade 2 List B  
Old French Song    
Free-wheeling  Grade 1 List C  
Jumping Beans    
Lil' Bit Blue    
Blue Rumba    
Lagrimas de las ondas    
A City under the sea    
Scarborough Fair    
Make Your Mind Up Time    
A Tiresome Prank  Grade 1 List C  
Things That Go Bump...