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Free mp3 downloads. Every piece in the book is available as an mp3.   Please note: live links are shown in blue, the others are still under development   Hands On! Pieces to develop free stroke
Helpfiles. Here is a page of hints and tips on each piece.  

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    PET Preliminary Exercises in Technique
YouTube videos.         5 Pieces for Guitar (about Grade 5)
Projects: great ways to get more out of ABC Guitar         A Celtic Collection (Grades 3-6)
Why ABC Guitar - some explanation and advice         Larksong Tremolo piece c Grade 5
Five pieces from ABC Guitar are on the new ABRSM exam syllabus, applying from January 2009. Please see the MP3 page for details.    www.abrsm.org     Canzonetta Tremolo Piece c Grade 7
          Sor Variations Op 9 A new performance edition
          Getting into Lute Tuning A manual on lute, or F# tuning

The cover art for ABC Guitar is by Gill Robinson



 If you are having a hard time getting your guitar tuned, try the tuning notes here.

  Anon to the Lute Pieces in lute tuning

 Why ABC Guitar? Well obviously this is not a book for beginners, rather the ABC refers to the lists - A, B and C - that you find on exam syllabuses. The point of the book is to develop the player's awareness and understanding of the styles found on each list. Of course, you can play and have fun with the pieces and take no notice of the questions of style, but we do hope that you will have a good look at the help offered to get the pieces sounding more like they belong where they come from. more  

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