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 Another tremolo piece, around about Grade 7 in level. No significant left hand barres, the tremolo moves around on the top three strings.


Reviewed in Classical Guitar magazine, March 2009

Presented in a very simple, plain and no-nonsense front cover, Canzonetta is far from all that; for here is a particularly attractive tremolo piece of the musical quality one usually expects from something of a higher technical standard.

The work is in two sections of the E minor/E major variety and the tremolo concerns itself entirely with the first three strings. Apart from the fact that there are some really nice melodic lines and harmonies throughout the work, the extremely good news is that once the (admittedly, demanding) tremolo technique has begun to emerge, there are no real problems for the left hand, certainly nothing in which the player of around grades 6-7 would have any difficulties with whatsoever.

The music is well prestened and very expertly fingered.