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Catalogue number & Price  
Hands On! New guitar pieces to develop free stroke click here  JM 02-001 £5.95  
Preliminary Exercises in Technique (PET) click here  JM 02-002 £6.95

"ideal for introducing technical issues to children and for developing the skills of more experienced players"

Five Pieces for Solo Guitar click here  JM 03-001 £4.95

"the music is well presented, well fingered and contains much thought-provoking musical directions throughout."

A Celtic Collection for Solo Guitar click here  JM 03-002 £5.95

 "full of melodic invention, good rhythms and lush harmonies."

ABC Guitar click here  JM 02-003 £5.95  "highly contrasting and enjoyable to play"
Larksong (tremolo) click here  JM 03-004 £2.95

"a very nice, attractive study"

Canzonetta (tremolo) click here  JM 03-003 £2.95

  "a particularly attractive tremolo piece of the musical quality one usually expects from something of a higher technical standard."

Sor Variations Op 9 click here  JM 03-006 £6.95

 "this is an ideal purchase"

Getting into Lute Tuning click here  JM 01-001 £6.95

"This is simply an invaluable source for any lovers of the this period."

Anon to the Lute click here  JM 03-007 £6.95

 "This book is a lot of fun and deserves to do really well."

     All these publications are available from Guitarnotes