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A Celtic Collection for Solo Guitar

This is a set of original compositions in a Celtic style. In the same spirit as the composer's Scottish Suite (published by Tuscany Publications,) they seek to explore the style without resorting to a kind of naive musical tourism, but remain accessible and fun to play.

Like a baroque suite, this collection features pieces of diverse character and different levels of difficulty ranging from about Grades III to VI.

Notes on the technical and musical aspects to each piece are included.

i. Prelude

ii. Iona

iii. Rannoch Moor

iv. Lochan Brae

v. Eilean Donan

vi. Juggling

 Reviewed in Classical Guitar magazine, February 2009

Having reviewed several of this composer's works recently and also some in the past, it has to said that whether Stephen Kenyon is writing either some student work at the easier end of the technical spectrum or producing a fullscale guitar concverto, my experience is that his music is never less than top-notch writing for the guitar, full of melodic invention, good rhythms and lush harmonies.

The Celtic-flavoured suite (for this 'collection' could easily be performed as one), easily falls into the previous description of Kenyon's compositional abilities for here are six pieces of contrasting moods ranging from the romantic, wistful and nostalgic through to up-tempo flowing and nimble pieces, all suggestive of the Scottish musical hertiage which was presumably the inspiration behind the writing. ...

...each one has concise and informative programme notes and as seems usual with Jacaranda publications of this composer's works, the pieces contain well through-out fingering and numerous musical directions throught. The technical standard required to work through the whole book ranges from around grade 3 to grade 5/6.