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 This book arises out of a passion for the lute music of the renaissance. This music is best served, from the guitarist's point of view, by using the appropriate tuning and a sympathetic playing approach. Intermediate players benefit from some help in getting over the hurdles this can entail, and this book is the result of many years spent finding ways to help them.

A step-by-step approach is taken to help the player get used to lute tuning, starting with very simple scales and chords. Easy excerpts from real repertoire follow, showing the ways in which lute pieces make the most of the tuning and preparing the way for progression to complete pieces.

These practical sessions are backed up by chapters covering the historical background to the subject, the use of the capo, the interpretation of renaissance repertoire, playing from tablature, making your own transcriptions, improvising divisions and the use of special guitars for lute music.


Reviewed in Classical Guitar magazine, December 2008

"I found this informative, entertaining and most useful to the Renaissance novice. This is simply an invaluable source for any lovers of this period."