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Here are some ideas for creating projects around the pieces in this section of ABC Guitar.

Find out about the 'big events' of the 20th and early 21st centuries

What's happened to 'classical' (aka serious, or art) music?

Who were the most important 20th century composers?

Why is so mucy contemporary classical music such a weird noise!?



Use the links opposite to make a project answering these questions, using pictures of people, instruments, buildings etc you find on websites or in books.

If you make a webpage of this - perhaps in your school website - let us know and we will make a link to it from here!

Get it touch!


20th & 21st centuries

Wikipedia - 20th_century history

Wikipedia - 20th century music

Modern Music - A guide for the perplexed

  Overview of approximate dates for musical periods Wikipedia
     BBC - British Timeline