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Technique on the guitar is a means to the end of musical expression ­ not an end in itself. But you always need more technique than you think, so your musical ideas are not restricted by what your fingers will allow you to do.

Most of the many fine technique manuals available make the assumption that you can already just about do the various techniques, and that you just need exercises to get better at them. With PET we have created an approach with two main aims:

· to make the various technical aspects in the book approachable for those coming to them for the first time,

· to introduce at this early stage, a simple first experience of techniques normally only introduced much later, if at all. These are the techniques of damping and rasgueado.

 Reviewed in Classical Guitar Magazine December 2009;

This volume presents technical exercises in a straight-forward clairty which make sthem accessible to students from the earliest level upwards....This volume has proved useful for many students at very different levels - it has been ideal for introducing technical issues to children and for developing the skills of more experienced players. Well set out and adaptable material.


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I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their classical guitar technique and to any medium/advanced players who could use it in their warm up routine.I teach classical guitar and have incorporated this book into my lessons and recommend it to my pupils. I agree with the author, that "damping" is very often not addressed and this technique needs to be introduced in the early stage. A good book.