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 Introduction and Variations on a theme of Mozart Op 9

Fernando Sor

The purpose of this edition is two-fold: firstly, to provide a logical culmination and conclusion to those who have followed the same author's publications dealing with the interpretation and analysis of Sor's music, Fernando Sor: Solo Guitar Music(in preparation) and secondly to furnish a reliable but helpful modern edition of this essential part of the guitar repertoire.

Editorial Procedure

This edition draws on both the first edition, published in London in 1821, and the second Meissonnier edition, published in Paris in 1826 or 1827. Fingering is supplied in two varieties: that from the original editions (which are largely the same, with slightly more given in Meissonnier) is given in conventional fingering font and that for editorial fingering as 'normal'1234. Editorial additions are in brackets [ ] and the original pagination has been retained.

Additionally, there is a thorough discussion of Mozart's theme, its place in the opera, and how Sor uses it in his piece.

Reviewed in Classical Guitar magazine December 2008;

"this is a finely printed edition that is most useful for the minutiae of small changes you might make in this piece, should you have one of the other versions, or for the player who hasn't yet bought it at all. In that case this is an ideal purchase".


 Some errors crept into the first edition, printed in 2006.


 For more discussion of the differences between the two editions consulted, and consideration of the piece as a whole, click here