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Here is one version of my piece Fancy, which is in the book 5 Pieces for solo guitar - 2.2 MB  Fancy        

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A live performance, warts 'n'all, of my four movement Scottish Suite (see here for more details) from 2002.  Pastoral  Hornpipe  Lament  Jig Please note this live recording has had no extra reverb added - its the natural acoustic of St Mary's Church in Dorchester.  
A studio recording of Falla's Miller's Dance, in my arrangement.

 Miller's Dance

  Or, if you are a weird mood, you might like this. Its the same Miller's Dance recording this time put through the Altiverb reverb setting taken from the Gol Gumbaz tomb in Bijapur, India.

Its a 25 second reverb (I know you don't hear the tail last quite that long) so you must understand that this is a very strange noise...

Probably a good one to hear with headphones on and the lights off!

Millers Dance at Gol Gumbaz
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Additionally, many pieces have been recorded on video and are on YouTube          
Hands On!  All 21 pieces from this book here        
From Hands On! Vol. 2 Hanging Around