Professional music engraving in Graphire Music Press.

  My engraving has been used by a large number of publishers and composers from the new edition of the guitar sonata by José published by Bérben to a new work performed by the CBSO at the 2001 Aldeburgh Festival. Of course, I specialise in guitar music and can add a valuable extra layer of editorial input where required but have also prepared editions for all the other instruments including piano, organ and voice.
  Why Graphire Music Press? ... and not Finale or Sibelius, you ask. Well because I happen think that of all the available engraving software, Music Press gives the most impressive output, married to great ease of use. The result is a print whose fluidity, grace and resemblance to the best of the pre-digital hand engravings cannot in my view be challenged by the alternatives.

Samples of these engravings can be found in the Bérben José edition mentioned and my pieces published by Tuscany publications, and the free downloads at the foot of that page.

PDF samples are available here, for which you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader.


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