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Song Books Vol.s 1 & 2

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  The Song Book Volume I


Volume I has been reprinted May 2008!





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 Mick Ryan (right) with accompanist Pete Harris.


 The Song Book Volume 2


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Note that songs from this musical are in Vol 2

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Vol. 1

Contents Vol. 1

 Notes to the songs    

Miscellaneous Songs

Love is Life

Long Hard Season.

Desperate Dan

Down Among the Dead Men

The Man I Killed

Willy Worrel

The Cause

The Wagon of the Lord

The Widow's Promise

Songs from A Day's Work

Flanders Tommy

Prince of Peace

The Foe

The Lark Above the Downs

 Songs from The Voyage

The Leaving Time

When We Take 'Em Over

Sailing West

Green Island

How Deep's the Sea?


I Won't Take That Lying Down

Voices from the Past

In standard notation with guitar chords.

Edited by Stephen Kenyon.

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 Book Review

Folk on Tap Winter 2000 page 57

Over the years many of us have become familiar with the songs of local lad Mick Ryan, whether sung solo, in partnership with Pete Harris, or from his songwriting collaborations with Graham Moore. I first met him when we both performed in the Foc's'le Folk Club's production of Peter Bellamy's "The Transports" and was impressed by his thorough professionalism and his attention to detail, talents that have rubbed off on his songwriting.

Gathered here in one volume for the first time are the fruits of his labours and a fine publications of work it turns out to be with the lyrics and tunes clearly laid out with the chord sequences given too. His writing covers a wide spectrum but always contains a very real human dimension, whether it be humorous as in "Desperate Dan" or thought-provoking as in "The Man I Killed". The human condition is a constant source of inspiration to him with a strong anti-war current running throughout. Reading the lyrics aloud you realise Mick is a fine lyricist regardless of the subject. This coupled with an incisive wit and excellent tunes lift the songs out of the ordinary.

Unsurprisingly his songs have been covered many times by other performers: indeed only recently I've reviewed The Poozies who perform "The Widow's Promise" although they call it "The Widow" and also Damien Barber who has recorded "The Man I Killed", although he too gives it the wrong title of "My Enemy". So clearly this volume has two purposes, one is to get more artists performing his work, and the other is to get them to give the song's correct title!

Phil Hugill


Vol. 2

Contents Vol. 2

 Notes to the songs          
Miscellaneous Songs Songs from Songs from Songs from Songs from Songs from


The Ballad Seller

The Drunkard's Lament

Work, Work, When's It Gonna Stop?

The Night of the Hunter

King Kaley

Song for John

How Do You Do It, Holmes?

The Island of Apples

A Day's Work

Sons of the Land

A Land Fit for Heroes

Come and be a Soldier

The Night

A Day's Work

The Voyage



The Journey

Farewell my Son

Just Like You


Something to Show









Tanks for the Memory


The Land


Promises, Promises









A Tolpuddle Man

Put Them Down














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