Here's the list of writings currently available on this site:

The Baroque Suite 

An essay on the form and content of this core element of the repertoire

 Modern Music

A thoughtful discussion of why contemporary classical music is as it is

The art of CD listening

An essay on some of the implications of the CD's longer playing time

Visiting London?

Some contacts and tips including guitar shops if you are going to town...

Sight Reading

An article by John Sloan with useful advice on this perennial topic

'A' finger technique

Some pointers as to the importance and problematical nature of this digit

CD recommendations

A collection of highly recommended CDs

Finger Tips 

A mixed bag of guitar related advice

The use of guitar rests 

An essay on the use of this important alternative to the foot stool

 Looking after your nails

Some thoughts on nail-care and repair

The myth of Schubert and the guitar

An article seeking to clarify what relationship Schubert may - or may not - have had with the guitar



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